Sunday, 19 January 2014

Bexhill trip 2, beautiful sky and a return journey breakdown

It was back to Bexhill-on-Sea again today although this time nowhere near as early thank goodness. This time we were back down to pack up some smaller items that we could transport ourselves and also so that Pam could see a couple of her old friends as well.  There's so much stuff that we would like to take back but space is not infinite so tough decisions are having to be made. Once Pam had seen Carol and Frank (and Toni and I had collected up a load of stuff) we decided to pop out for something to eat.

This gorgeous sky greeted us:
La Trattoria wasn't open today so we had to settle for The Italian Way instead. The food was really good but not quite to the excellent standard of La Trattoria. 

After noms it was time to head back. We popped back to the flat and then loaded up the car before hitting the road. As we were driving we could hear a rattling sound that appeared to be coming from the engine. About half way back the check engine light came on and we started losing power. Fortunately we were on top of BP Blue Boys services so we pulled in there and called up Green Flag.

We had to wait an hour for someone to turn up and as soon as he turned the engine on he gave us the grim news that it was terminal. Deep joy, more money to have to spend to get The Beast back on the road again as we got the impression it is NOT going to be a cheap job. We then had to wait around 45 minutes for a flat bed truck to arrive so we bought a round of coffee and chatted with the Green Flag guy until it turned up. It was then time to load up ready for the drive back.

Toni and Pam were quite settled in the back:

We finally made it home much much later than planned and then had to unload everything. Green Flag did give excellent service I have to say and they treated us very well so big thumbs up to them! Once unloaded we had a quick cup of tea before hitting the pit feeling somewhat stressed and knackered.

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