Friday, 31 January 2014

Good day and Rangers beat the Islanders again

It was a good day at work today. I had felt like WFH but it's lucky I didn't as I was the only manager in. Everyone else had either already planned to WFH or had to at the last minute. Saying that it's no big deal as we never really have to make an "management decisions" as such anyway which is a relief. Day was fairly productive though which can never be bad!

Following on from their close game in the Stadium Series the New York Rangers were back at Madison Square Garden to face New York Islanders once again. This game was not a disappointment. Rangers took the early lead and ended the first period 1 - 0. The Islanders than mounted a come back in the second period which ended tied at 1 - 1. The Rangers then stepped things up a gear in the third period and were 3 - 1 up after fifteen minutes. The icing on the cake though was an almost full ice empty net goal which cross the line with one second to go. It was good to keep the winning streak going and even better to take down the Islanders 4 - 1.

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