Tuesday, 21 January 2014

WFH, new blouse, car update, Black Sails, Musketeers and Rangers choke to Islanders

Working from home day today. Pam sounds like she might be coming down with some form of cough and Toni was off sick again today as well. I'm hoping that I don't get whatever it is that is doing the rounds.  It was a very unremarkable working day that was also very quiet as not a lot of work is coming through as we are reaching the end of the current sprint. I did get to rock one of new blouses today which was cool. Might have to roll these into the office!

Must learn to try and taker better selfies! LOL

I even managed to have a lunch break today (which doesn't usually happen when I WFH). Leanne came round with Indie to see Pam and we chatted about where Sensoma is going and plans for the future.

We looked into our warranty policy for The Beast and it looks like we should be covered for the things that we suspect are wrong. The only downside is that first we have to pay for the investigation to be done to get the diagnosis and repair quote. Still, if that's the only bit that we have to pay for then that is a result! All being well it is going in for diagnostics on Thursday so we'll have a better idea what's happening then.

It was another lazy dinner today with Sam ordering us kebabs. I'm not complaining although we should probably try and get back to cooking properly again soon as these luxury dinners don't do much good for the old waist line!

We checked out two new TV shows today.

Black Sails
The series plot is simple: During the Golden Age of Piracy, the feared Captain Flint brings on a younger crew member as they fight for the survival of New Providence Island. This was a slow starting first episode and it was sad that Starz felt the need to try and wedge the story in between various sex scenes. Game Of Thrones might have got away with it but it doesn't mean we need it in other series. The show does have some potential and if they concentrate more on swashbuckling rather rather than nookie it could be a winner. It does of course have stuff competition as you can't help but use Pirates Of The Caribbean as a point of reference. A slightly disappointing start for a show that initially had me excited but hopefully it will find its course.

The Musketeers
This is a story that should need no introduction. Set in 1630 Paris, D'Artagan, Athos , Aramis and Porthos fight for what is just and are heroes in the truest and most abiding sense – men we can trust and believe in to do the right thing regardless of personal risk. Now this is what a TV show should be like. Fun and not taking itself too seriously while delivering a story you can follow. It kind of has that tongue in cheek feel that both Merlin and Atlantis have. I have a feeling this one will be good to watch.

Late night madness kicked in again as we watched New York Rangers take on the New York Islanders. This was a must win game that started off very well with the Rangers dominating the first period and taking a 2 - 1 lead. The second period improved things as the Rangers went 3 - 1 up only for the Islanders to level things up to 3 - 3. The Rangers had a poor start to the third period and I started to worry as they were playing like they had at the start of the season. With ten minutes left in the third it was still tied at 3 - 3. Islanders went 3 - 4 up with a power play goal with 4:38 remaining. Talbot came off for the 6 on 5 but with six seconds left the Islanders sealed the win with an empty netter and the Rangers losing 3 - 5. Fucksocks!


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