Monday, 6 January 2014

Wet and windy, new shoes, curry and Rangers lose in shootout

It was a wet and windy day today. Very wet and very windy. Fortunately this had no impact on the trains at all which was a BIG relief. Everyone was back in the office today so it was back to the grindstone properly. We had our first opening of the Big Top today as we resumed our weekly call to Billy Smart and his cohorts overseas. Apparently he has new shoes. Paul and I wondered if they looked something like this:

Curry for dinner and a chance to relax and chill out before we prepared to watch New York Rangers take on Columbus Blue Jackets. This was a pretty good game to watch. Rangers dominated for most of it, look in control and were clearly on a high from their victory over the Leafs. Sadly a really bad call on Chris Kreider changed the pace of the game and took the spart away from the Rangers in the second period. They managed to bounce back in the third and tie the game up 3 - 3 and survived overtime too. Sadly they were outclassed in the shootout and the Blue Jackets won 3 - 4. If that questionable call hadn't been made I suspect that the Rangers would have won this one. If you feel that way inclined here is the video of the "boarding" call.

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