Friday, 10 January 2014

Workplace toilets, happy 'odd' feet and a Rangers win

Today was an interesting day. We had a bit of an office discussion about the toilets on our floor and whether or not there were enough available for the number of people. A quick check on the Health & Safety Executive website and it looked as though there were no issues. Our floor has a gents and a ladies and also a unisex set of toilets.

When we first moved to The Gherkin I was happy as the 16th floor had unisex toilets which suited me down to the ground as I didn't really want to use the gents and equally didn't feel that I should be asking to use the ladies either. When we moved to the 26th I was happy as there were also unisex toilets there until I realised that they were kept locked all the time. Apparently this was because they were for visiting VIPs only as this floor was where our bigwigs resided when in the country. Still not wanting to use the gents I had a cunning work around as I was able to use the disabled toilet. Now we have moved to the 2nd floor and the unisex toilets are mostly locked once again and I have no disabled toilet escape plan so it's use the gents or nothing.

I bit the bullet today and messaged the facilities manager and asked why the toilets on the 2nd floor were always locked. I explained that I was happier using them as I am not really comfortable having to use the gents and could I have access. I got a very understanding reply explaining that she appreciated why I felt this way. Apparently the unisex toilets on this floor are also for VIPs and are controlled by another company that has access to half of our floor. She said that she would contact them and try and get me access as required or even see if they were prepared to let me have a key so that I didn't have to keep going to see someone to be let in. This is the first time that I have had the confidence to raise something like this and it was good to do so and get an encouraging reply. I will update with what happens next as and when things move along (or not).

Got home and Toni and I sat back on the sofa. She put her feet on the table and we laughed that she was wearing odd socks. I then put my feet up too and bizarrely I was wearing the matching socks. Couldn't have planned that one better! Obviously this led to a photo opportunity:

Despite the need for early nights and more sleep that desire was suspended as New York Rangers were at home tonight against Dallas Stars. Given their recent run of form we just had to stay up and watch the game. It was an exciting first period with Ranger having plenty of shots. One missed tripping call though and Dallas were 0 - 1 up. Fortunately it didn't take long for Callahan to hit the back of the net and make it 1 - 1 which is how the first period ended. Second period was a little quieter but still had goals. Dallas took a 1 -2 lead and then New York brought it equal again at 2 - 2. New York upped the pressure towards the end of the second but couldn't net another so it ended 2 - 2. Third period was a game of speed with both teams desperate to take the lead. It was end to end chances for both teams until Rick Nash made it 3 - 2 to New York with 01:58 left to play. I was relieved that this game didn't go into overtime and the Rangers won 3 - 2. A much needed two points and finally some consistency starting to be shown! PHEW!

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