Friday, 29 May 2015

Day off, Wicca Moon, Practical Magic and Rangers blow it in the Eastern Conference Finals

I had a day off today which is always nice. Toni and I spent it at Wicca Moon completing module five of our Wicca Moon School Of Witchery course. There was divination using objects and cards and lots of hard work. Some of my preconceived ideas were challenged but I went with it and had my ideas reshaped. This usually happens to me but I am happy to be proved wrong when I have evidence presented before me.  There was also a lot of validation for me based on messages that I have been receiving over the last couple of weeks. It was a fantastic day with so much more to come!

When we got home we persuaded Aaron to buy dinner as he had just been paid so Rishta was in order. Following on from our day doing magickal stuff and because Shirlee had made reference to a scene from it we decided to watch Practical Magic again.

A couple of documentaries were watched on Netflix to kill some time as we waited for the start of the New York Rangers v Tampa Bay Lightning game. This was game seven of the Eastern Conference Finals series. The winner is crowned king of the Eastern Conference and then progresses to the Stanley Cup Finals (the grand prize).  Make or break time for both teams, do or die! The series so far has been completely unpredictable so say who will win this one was not obvious!

Rangers had the better first period of the two teams despite the shots on goal. Lundqvist made some great saves. First period ended 0 - 0. Shots on goal were NYR 5 and TBL 9.

Two failed power plays for the Rangers was disappointing. Lightning managed to mount more offense but couldn't beat Lundqvist who made some more fantastic saves. Second period ended still tied at 0 - 0. Shots on goal were NYR 6 (11) and TBL 10 (19).

Not unsurprisingly it all came down to the last period (or overtime) to get this series put to bed. One thing was clear, Rangers needed to shoot more! At 01:54 the Lightning broke the stalemate to make it 0 - 1 with a trickle through the five hole. Sadly this could be enough. The Rangers didn't start playing like a team that was about to be eliminated after that like I had expected them too. Lightning then start the twist the knife taking a 0 - 2 lead at 11:17. Rangers pulled Lundqvist for the extra skater with about four minutes left. They still didn't seem desperate. Third period ended with the Lightning winning 0 - 2!!! Shots on goal were NYR 10 (21) and TBL 6 (25). 

Well done to Tampa Bay Lightning, they came to win and win they did.  So the win the Easter Conference Finals series 3 - 4 and will face either Chicago Blackhawks or the Anaheim Ducks in the Stanley Cup Finals series.

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