Saturday, 23 May 2015

Forbidden Planet, steak and Phantom Of The Opera

A fun day out in London was planned today. Pam was spending the night at Leanne's and Toni, Sam and I  hit the engineering work laden trail to town. This involved a bus to Eltham, train to Victoria and then the tube. Not quite as smooth as planned but hey ho LOL.

En route to Forbidden Planet we discovered one of London's less well know productions:

Who knew this even existed? I have to admit that I didn't put it near the top of my must watch list but it did tickle me.

The problem with a shop like Forbidden Planet is that it is full of so much shiny pretty stuff that can cause a real drain on the old bank account. I showed restraint, a LOT of restraint. Admittedly some of this was just because we were off to the theatre later and it would have been difficult to carry a lot. The other reason was that space is at a premium at home at the moment. I did come away with a copy of Chris Taylor's new book "How Star Wars Conquered The Universe" as it wouldn't have felt right not buying anything *grin*.

Toni and Sam both came away with bags of goodies too and then we set off to Covent Garden to find a nice cafe to have a sit down, some coffee and to do some reading. We spent a nice bit of time just chilling, chatting and reading before it was time to go an forage for food. An Angus Steak House was our eatery of choice.

Toni and I shared a starter:

This was accompanied by the most amazing sweet potato fries:

It was a unanimous decision on the main course. 16oz t-bone steak!

Amazingly we still managed to squeeze pudding in as well, just! Suitably stuffed and barely able to move we took a slow stroll on to Her Majesty's Theatre via Trafalgar Square.  We were quite surprised to see a Thestral from Harry Potter on our travels. It's good to see London being kept interesting.

We arrived at our destination in good time.

Sam had bought tickets for us to see Phantom Of The Opera as an early birthday present for Toni. He missed out on our last trip to see it in 2011 as his work wouldn't let him have the time off but nothing was going to stop him this time.

The performance was amazing, absolutely brilliant. Some of the actors had changed this time but they were just as good as the last time we went. Sam absolutely loved it.

It was an amazing day and we all had great fun and headed home very tired.  

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