Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Lila - Mermaid Magic

This is Lila's fourth release but her first actually under the guise of just Lila. Mermaid Magic is a bit like a Greatest Hits album as it contains a selection of water chants from Return Of The Goddess and Sisters Of The Moon plus three brand new ones.

Yemaya is an upbeat high energy chant. The chant is catchy and simple and has a South American vibe to it. Yamaya is the Queen Of The Oceans originating from the Orisha tradition. Somehow Lila has managed to capture a feeling of sweeping across the oceans hinting at it's magnitude and beauty.

Dolphin's Cry is a more laid back chant. There is a graceful and majestic feel to the melody. Some of the backing chants on this actually have a dolphin like vibration to them and I'm not even sure what I mean by that LOL. It's actually very hard to describe it but it is certainly an amazing sound to create.

Spirit Of The Ocean is another mellow chant with a trance like feel to it. It's easily to take yourself off into a meditation while listening to this track, be warned!

The previously released tracks are all strong offerings and fit very well under the Mermaid Magic water chant banner. Most of them should need no introduction as they are popular chants that are used by people of all paths.

The tracklisting is:
01 - Yemaya (NEW)
02 - Dolphin's Cry (NEW)
03 - Lorelei (from Sisters Of The Moon)
04 - The River Is Flowing (from Return Of The Goddess)
05 - Spirit Of The OCean (NEW)
06 - Lady Water (from Sisters Of The Moon)
07 - We All Come From The Goddess (from Return Of The Goddess)
08 - Goddess Fertility (from Sisters Of The Moon)
09 - Born Of Water (from Return Of The Goddess)
10 - Aphrodite (Serpentyne Mix) (from Sisters Of The Moon)

Ordering the Mermaid Magic CD also gets you a link to an immediate download of the album so you can start listening straight away.

The CD can be ordered from Lila's website here:!mermaid-magic/c5n5

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