Sunday, 10 May 2015

Dolmen Grove Essex Beltane Ceremony

After a hearty breakfast Toni and I went to pick up Zoe and then headed out to Grays for our Dolmen Grove Essex Moot Beltane Ceremony.

The Ceremony was run by Wendy and Jess. Their altar looked beautiful:

It was a simple but powerful Ceremony and it was so nice to have all the kids involved. That made it really special and it's great that they all feel that they can be involved. BIG thumbs up to all of them.

Part of the proceedings involved all of us taking a plant and potting it and then decorating it and then taking a stone representing something that we want to see grow. Here is mine:

The symbol on my stone is for more happiness in my life, you can never have too much of that right! The final part was to write down a number of things that we want to grow between now and next Beltane. We all then went outside and charged our desires by burning our papers in a cauldron.

The whole thing was a pleasure to be involved with and it was wonderful to meet up with all our Dolmen Grove Essex friends again.

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