Monday, 3 August 2015

Blind Date and Eurotrash

We were talking to Sam today about the death of Cilla Black. I'd managed to upset someone by posting this picture on Facebook:

Sam didn't really understand the picture so we called on the power of Youtube to educate him in the delights of Blind Date. We watched one of the newer scripted shows and one of the old unscripted ones. I was amazed at how amusing they actually still turned out to be after all those years! Sam thought it was hilarious and of course the picture then clicked into place.

We followed this up with a bit of Eurotrash just for a really camp laugh. A Song For Eurotrash was a particularly irreverent episode that they did in "honour" of the Eurovision Song Contest. Oh how I miss that program. It wasn't big, it wasn't clever but it was funny as a funny thing.

Ah me, nostalgia is a wonderful thing!

This was Sam's favourite, Dschinghis Khan, performing Genghis Khan. It was probably more appealing to him because it was a German band performing in Jerusalem singing about a dictator whose ambition was to conquer all the inferiors in his path until he ruled the world!!!!!
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