Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Mad day and new toy for KT the mechanic

It was a mad day at work today. The boss was WFH so I thought it might be a nice easy one but no, the fates conspired against me and I was running all over the place trying to sort problems out for people. It makes life interesting I suppose but sadly there is carry over so I will also be very busy tomorrow, bugger!

As I have been starting to learn about car maintenance and especially batteries and car electrics I was delighted to receive my new toy in the post today. A multimeter for doing some electrical testing.

Armed with some new found knowledge I put it to good use and tested that the Chrysler battery had charged up OK:

First thing tomorrow it will be time to stick it back in the Chrysler and see if it actually works! After that I will be trying some parasitic draw tests :)

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