Thursday, 27 August 2015

Cancelled time away and Inside Out

So, today was supposed to be pack up and head off to Weymouth for holiday. Unfortunately due to Pam taking a real downturn we have decided to cancel those plans and stay at home. It's put a bit of a downer on things that's for sure but it was the right decision for us to make. We'll just have to find some ways to have fun at home LOL.

It's been a bit of a hard week so we were pleased when a volunteer from Carer's Support came round today and we had a chance to escape for a while. Toni, Zoe and I went to Bexleyheath and had lunch at Bella Italia and then went to see Inside Out.

It was a fun spin on the voices in our heads and how memories work. The only downside was I kept equating it with Pam and her dementia and alzheimers. That aside it was an enjoyable Disney Pixar yarn with some great characters and bright colourful visuals. Well worth a watch if you like animated films!
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