Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Facebook deactivated my profile over my name AGAIN #mynameis

So, this happened to me AGAIN on Facebook:

The really frustrating thing is that I have already been through this nonsense once and verified to them that KT Glitz is my LEGAL name. This time round though it appears that somebody has decided to make mischief and report my profile just to be a pain in the ass so I had to go through the whole proving my identity thing again. Whilst I understand why Facebook have a mechanism for people to report "fake" profiles they appear to have not yet set things up so that once an account has been verified as a valid identity it can no longer be reported as fake. All this means is that potentially a spiteful drama queen could just keep reporting a profile over and over again just to give someone the inconvenience of their account being deactivated.

So, my LEGAL documentation has once again been submitted to Facebook and now I have to wait until I get reinstated again.......

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