Sunday, 11 December 2016

GlitzKraft @ Tudor Barn Frost Fair

Today GlitzKraft held a stall at the Tudor Barn's Frost Fair. Sadly this meant that we had to get up early to get everything prepared.

Setting up was a painless process and the weather was lovely.

Helen's crystal stall is on the left and GlitzKraft is on the right.

Things looked great once we were all finished.

Everything was supposed to kick off at 2pm but people started coming through and midday which wasn't a bad thing as early trading shouldn't be sniffed at. There was a steady flow people throughout the day and some people were tempted to part with their money. We had visits from Jade, Leanne, Bob and Zoe. 

We were treated to a gorgeous sunset.

When the light finally left us the stall looked marvellous all lit up.

The Tudor Barn looked pretty cool too

Overall it was a really good day and it was great trading next to Helen. We had a great laugh during the quiet spots.

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