Friday, 30 December 2016

Goodbye mum, Natural History Museum & Rogue One

No extra sleep for us today as we had to get up early(ish) to take mum to the station as it was sadly time for her to return home. We had a really smooth journey to Marylebone with mum getting an earlier trained than planned. It's been great having her stay with us and we've promised to go up to Stratford early next year. This made me smile and started off the day nicely.

After dropping mum we whizzed round to Camden for a lovely buffet lunch at our favourite vegetarian Chinese restaurant Qing Xi.

Our next stop was the Natural History Museum where we indulged in a favourite British past time, queueing!

 The queue was pretty long and it took us an hour to actually get in!

Still, there was some nice architecture to see on the way round:

It was worth the wait though as we finally made it through the doors and were greeted by the Natural History Museum's iconic exhibit.

We had a brilliant time although there wasn't enough of it and we had hardly dented walking round before it was time to go. Here's a random scattering of pics:

We are planning on making a return visit but next time will get there before the doors open so that we can spent a whole day there.

Our day wasn't over though as we popped into a nice Indian restaurant for a bite to eat before the finale of our day. Love the name of the restaurant:

The food was delicious and we treated ourselves to a glass of wine too :)

Which bring us on to the finale. Our last stop was the Science Museum IMAX Cinema to go and see Rogue One in 15/70mm IMAX 2D. K-2SO did the introduction:

Third time round and Rogue One is still as brilliant as ever. I'm not bored of watching it yet. The quality of the IMAX compared with standard cinema digital was astonishing and we'll definitely be doing more IMAX screenings in the future.

We had a brilliant day just doing stuff and spending time together and plan to do lots more of this in 2017.

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