Wednesday, 7 December 2016

More Rogue One stuff - 8 days to go

Hope you didn't think you were getting a break from my Rogue One posts today. 8 days to go so I am just not going to stop LOL

Many, many TV spots have been revealed:

It appears that we might have some form of Rogue One and Rebels cross reference too as there is a ship in TV spot #26 that looks very much like the Ghost from Rebels.

Released last night was the Rogue One: Scarif DLC for Star Wars Battlefront. I've given it a whirl briefly and am enjoying it so far. Perfectly timed in the run up to the release of Rogue One. Here's the release trailer:

Just for a bit of fun here is the remastered original 1976 trailer for Star Wars (or the Rogue One sequel as it is now known LOL)

Now if you have being doing your best to avoid watching trailers and TV spots etc for fear of having Rogue One spoiled then please do not watch this epic 9 minute compilation of lots of what has been released so far:
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