Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Up with a panic and lazy day

Today was a nice lazy day, in the end. We got up at midday and that was only because Athena turned up! Getting up was a bit of a panic at that point LOL.

Once we had recovered from the rush we had a good time catching up though and enjoying a vast selection of lovely nibbles that she brought with her. She's still mad as a box of frogs but we love her for it. It was hilarious watching her to a tone deaf test that decided that she wasn't when we all know different LOL. She also got her wrist smacked for working when she should be taking a much needed break. Sadly she was feeling far below 100% and had to rush off early so we've promised to meet up again soon.

Mum and I had an adventure on the bus to Sidcup and a trip to Morrisons. I know it doesn't sound very exciting but it was a trip we haven't made before so it was fun LOL We picked up some essentials for dinner and headed back.

Mum and Toni both treated themselves to an evening drink and the rest of the night was spent with everyone feeling very chilled.

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