Friday, 9 December 2016

Rogue One - 6 days to go

Rogue One is now a mere six days away. I am waiting eagerly to see if I win tickets to an early screening on the 13th December and also to see if get selected to be part of a Disney early screening and photo stunt. As if I wasn't excited enough as it is!!!!

Here's an interview with Felicity Jones on the Ellen Show

I think this TV spot slipped through my radar so here it is just in case I missed it (as I have completely lost track now LOL)

This is a nice interview with Gareth Jones where he touches on the fall of the Jedi.

Here's Riz Ahmed doing a rap about Star Wars

This has nothing to do with Rogue One whatsoever but here is a really cool video where some wonderful people have converted hydropower jet bikes into Return of The Jedi speeder bikes.

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