Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Working from home, lurgs and a visit from dad

Today I was working from home. Whilst this might seem like some kind of luxury I can assure you that today it wasn't. I had to get up at 05:30 to start a call with an Australian colleague at 06:00. This was not the time of the day that I was looking for. All went well though and we sorted lots of stuff out. Then it was back to the usual daily tasks.

Toni was asleep on the sofa next to me as she is fighting the lurgs (and failing miserably at the moment). Whereas mine and Zoe's cleared up after a few days Toni seems to have a really persistent one that really doesn't want to shift no what powders or potions we give here. Really, really hoping that it will be clear by the weekend as she has a GlitzKraft stall to run.

In the evening dad arrived as he is staying with us for a couple of nights while down in London on business. It was good to have a long catch up and the trip to Rishta was much appreciated.

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