Friday, 2 December 2016

Sick and Rogue One LIVE Cast Q&A sessions

Today has not been a great day. Nasty cold lurgies kicked in last night and today I was off work all dosed up on meds to try and shift the damn thing. I was most unimpressed. Lemsips, Halls Soothers and Ribena were the order of the day accompanied by some Mock The Week.

In my blog yesterday I mentioned the Rogue One LIVE Cast Twtiter Q&A. This happened and it was pretty good despite having some audio issues throughout.

Here's the session for you to view although if you don't want spoilers you should definitely avoid it especially the the very end as we were treated to some brand new footage.

What I hadn't realised was that Facebook was also doing a list session too, so here is that one to catch up on if you missed it.

In other promotional news, Galen Erso now has his own poster!

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