Sunday, 4 December 2016

Plague house and bad movies

As we have been a bit of a plague house all weekend we have been spending a lot of time feeling sorry for ourselves and watching bad (well some are good) movies that we associate with the festive season plus other stuff. The lurgs have been most unpleasant but the films at least gave us joy in our hearts LOL

We've notched up Four Weddings, Love Actually, Notting Hill, The Thomas Crown Affair, Scrooged, and Boxtrolls. Alongside that there was a glorious New York Rangers win against the Carolina Hurricanes. Toni still managed to get in some good crochet sessions and I had a long burst on LEGO Star Wars, Much to Toni's annoyance I played a demo of the remastered Parappa The Rapper. When it is released I won't be playing that while Toni is in the room or it might end badly for me! LOL

Not the best of weekends all told but we did at least have some fun while trying to keep the lurgs under control.
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