Friday, 9 December 2016

Toni finally recovering, Spider-Man trailer and Bob Ross

In the interest of sanity I'll keep my Star Wars Rogue One posts separate from any other general gubbins that I might want to waffle on a bout.

Toni finally appears to be making a recovery after a week of fighting the lurgs and having to resort to some heavy duty drugs. Everyone else managed to get away with a few days of downtime but she really got hit hard. I am so relieved that she is now on the mend and should be fighting fit for the GlitzKraft event on Sunday.

I was delighted to find that today the first trailers for Spider-Man Homecoming have just been released. I was excited to see his very brief cameo in Captain America: Civil War and now the full return of Spider-Man to our screens looks like it shaping up really nicely. There are two trailers but i think I prefer the International one.

Our evening was spent chilling out with Bob Ross watching some of his glorious painting shows. If you haven't seen what he does before you should definitely go and check him out. He was such a talented man.

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