Saturday, 3 July 2010

Fantastic day in Camden

Despite not going to bed til 3am we were up bright and early to go to Camden. I had arranged to drop some hats off to a photographer first thing so everybody else had to suffer with an early rise *grin*

Dren drove us which was a novelty as we usually get tubes and trains. Thankfully we arrived in plenty of time. Dren and Emma went and did a couple of things while Toni and I met up with Tina and hand over the hats.

It was now time for shopping! Emma started the proceedings with a sequinned cowboy had that was very her LOL. We stopped to look at some really nice clothes on a stall and Toni started grumbling that they wouldn't have anything in her size. The assistant overheard her and then proceeded to prove her wrong. End result, I bought Toni a lovely top and skirt that she was VERY pleased with and everyone agreed she looked gorgeous.

Next stop was Wagamama for some yummy food and then it was back to the browsing again. Toni bought me a fabulous pair of trousers which I can't wait to wear out somewhere. As it was hot we then popped into a cafe and had milkshakes and ice cream to cool us down a bit.

As we had to wait around for Tina to finish the photo shoot and bring back the hats we then decided to find a pub to have a drink and watch the Argentina v Germany game! We hit the Oxford Arms and I was delighted to find that we stumbled on a pub with lots of Germany fans in it. It was a thoroughly enjoyable game with the pub filled probably 50/50 with people supporting Germany and Argentina. Needless to say I was delighted with the game and the result!

After the game Tina dropped the hats off and we headed back to Eltham. We then had lots of chatting, a little drinking and a massive chinese to finish off the day.

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