Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Hollywood Doll @ The Twist

Took the day off today to go back to SWF and prepare for the HOLLYWOOD DOLL gig at The Twist. Got tarted up, crimped hair etc and the Matt picked me up and we headed on out

Me posing outside when we arrived:

There were supposed to be 5 bands on the bill but for some unknown reason PP Dog failed to show up so that left just the four.................

I felt really sorry Minnie Birch, they are a talented trio who play some lovely melodic chilled acoustic music Sadly they crowd just weren't interested and as such talked very loudly over the set. It was a damn shame as the girls put on a really good show with some amazing tunes. I'd love to see them again in an environment that was more receptive to their style.

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This guy was hilarious. He started off well with an impromptu "how many people does it take to change a guitar string" gag (not that he realised this but we thought it was funny!)

Buddy Lee Dickens was performing without his band tonight and gave us a nice set of country/acoustabilly songs. It was a good nice blend of Cash and Presley and genuine rock n rolling.

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Next up it was us. It was so nice to have a large appreciative crowd to play for. The sound on stage was terrible although I was informed that it sounded really good out the front so it wasn't all bad. It's funny that although this was probably a gig where we were best received it was probably our worst performance so far, due to the bad stage sound. Still, people enjoyed it and that's what matters and the venue have said that they want us to come back.

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We also took some time out to do some posing pics which can be seen here: 280710HollywoodDollPosingTheTwist

These guys weren't bad, even more so for the fact that it was their first gig. Indie pop tunes were the order of the day and I think a few artists might want to sue if they hear the melodies but they were a good band nonetheless. They finished with a cover of You're Gorgeous by Babybird. It was quite amusing as he suggested everyone would know it and most of their fanbase would probably have been aged between two and six when it came out so I'm not sure how that works!

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