Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Those who do not..............

..........remember the past are condemned to be twats (and repeat it!)

Blimey. Sometimes people can be so fickle! If you have disagreements with, fall out, have a big bust up or even get screwed over by someone then just deal with it. Don't go all bitter and dwell on things as this just ends up warping you into an ugly person. Have recently experienced a group of people turning on someone they have felt hard done by over the years and to be honest the hate and disrespect that they are showing kind of matched the very same thing that they claim happened to them and makes them appear just as bad as the person they are bitching about. A dose of double standards perhaps! It is even funnier when people who worshipped someone suddenly turn against them when there is no real reason to do so other than being, or wanting to be, in with a crowd that have decided to bash that person.

You can't change what happened in the past so don't be a dick about it. Life is too short for grudges and certainly venting your spleen publicly about someone you are supposed to dislike intensely just makes them seem all the more important and notorious. It also makes me wonder if they are still under that person's thrall as they feel the need to keep him/her in the limelight when surely it would be better to say nothing, not fuel the propaganda machine and just let things, and that person and associated memories, fade away.

OK, rant over, I feel better for that!

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