Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Football has been and gone!

Well that's me out now! Germany excelled and got much further than anticipated in the 2010 World Cup for such a young team and enjoyed some sweet results against England and Argentina.

After a fairly stressful day at work I rushed home to tidy up a bit and then settle down to watch the Germany v Spain semi final. Sadly, armed with JD, I had to witness my boys exiting at the semi final stage thanks to a VERY dominant Spain. Although I had hoped Germany would make it to the final I can't deny that the better team won tonight albeit with a slim 0 - 1 scoreline. I can't wait to see what Germany serves up for the next European Cup and World Cup.

For now, that's me gracefully bailing out of any interest in football and normality will once again be restored for a couple of years. My parting wish for the 2010 World Cup is for Holland to beat Spain!

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