Wednesday, 14 May 2008


I am not a happy bunny. The QA team went to Ye Olde Pubbe at lunch time for a coke and then took a gentle stroll back to the office in the sunshine. We were about half way back to the office when I was suddenly wet and bent over double in agony.

Seems a car had driven passed and very quietly one of it's passenger had launched a water balloon at me. This would probably have been amusing if it had just been thrown. The pain that I was in from the impact suggested that it was fired at me using something with the power of a paintball gun as my right arm went numb for ages. I am still suffering some major discomfort at the impact point. These pics aren't great but give an idea of how hard I was hit.

Unfortunately it was all so quick and my Shelton and Stuart were more concerned about me than watching the offending car going off in the other direction. All we know is that it was a black car, possibly a BMW.

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