Sunday, 18 May 2008

Little by Lidl we have a BBQ (and a dirty stop out)

Headed off to Lidl this morning to get in a week's worth of shopping for bugger all money. God I love Lidl, think I'll be stopping the Tesco deliveries and just be using Lidl from now on. Fridge and freezer are now well stocked.

When we got back Sam was waiting on the doorstep and had been there for an hour. Seems he had forgotten to take his key with him when he headed off to the party yesterday. He drank loads, snogged three girls and was a little hung over first thing this morning (although he was fine when he got home)

Decided to have a BBQ as the weather was OK but cheated this time and just used the instant ones as I couldn't be bother to faff about with coals.

Toni and I did some work on a media announcement for the Edinburgh Capitals before going and making lasagne.

Sam fell asleep (his night of debauchery had obviously caught up with him) and Toni, Gemima and I drove Sophie round to Shane's (as she is staying there for a week).

We then watched some God & Devil while we ate and then all too quickly it was time for Toni to go. Seems to come quicker and quicker every weekend and is getting harder to deal with each time. I hate that we live so far apart!

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Geminii Glitz said...

I hate that we live so far apart too.