Saturday, 17 October 2015

Late start, Jimmy Spice's and chilling

This morning was lovely. We woke naturally, and very late, without defaulting into having to check that Pam was OK. It was a very welcome change of pace.

Instead of late breakfast/brunch we decided to go for a walk into town and have lunch at Jimmy Spices. Toni looking yummy :)

A nice starter plate

Followed by another

I love this picture that they have on the wall. It's a glorious mixture of racism and sexism!

The food as always was delicious, I took it easy and didn't have too many plates of food so I could at least walk home in comfort. 

On our return to mum's we watched some rugby and just had a massively relaxing chill out. Toni had a massive sleep too, playing catch up on what she hasn't been getting.

Later in the evening mum made a lovely chicken and gammon meal which was followed by fruit and cheese. We then indulged in some old quiz shows before calling it a night.

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