Saturday, 31 October 2015

A day of horror

Today I was still suffering from the lurgs which I was less than happy about. Toni was out for the day with Jade so Sam and I took advantage to get some horror viewing in.

We started off getting up to date with American Horror Story: Hotel. This series is really going from strength to strength. Really love what they are doing with this season and the dinner party was just inspired!

Next up was French film Martyrs. Martyrs tells the story of Anna, once a missing little girl, found wandering a year later on a country road virtually catatonic after suffering some sort of physical abuse. She grows into a comely young woman, but she's got serious issues. She also has a close friend, Lucie, who she ultimately calls after she finds herself in an unusual house in the middle of the forest. There's something very disturbing about the Bauhaus-esque home, something Anna can't quite put her finger on. There is plenty in here to keep gore fan happy but you really do have to stick with it to the end for it all to make sense. It can be uncomfortable viewing at times but it's delivery is excellent.

We finished our day off with Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence). This was NOT a classic by any means. The first Human Centipede film was kind of inspired and worked as a film and certainly has merit in the horror genre. The second one was absolutely dire and the third left a lot to be desired. It had it's moments for sure, but could have been so much better. There were times when it felt like a low budget Troma flick (all horror fans will now the complete irony of this statement). One to watch to complete the set but that's about it!
It was a fun day and one we'll be repeating again soon with more gruesome viewing lined up!

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