Sunday, 25 October 2015

Park life and a tearful goodbye

When you have little ones around you there is always a danger that they will want to go to the park. Today was park day. We chose Avery Hill as there is an enclosed park with a cafe there. Toni drove Sophie, Scarlett and Kenzie over and then came back and got Sam, Pam and I. Zoe also came along with her friend Nicola. It was a nice relaxed trip with the kids happily playing with Zoe and Nicola supervising while the rest of us watched from afar drinking coffee/tea LOL.

After the park fun we all descended on Richard's for lunch to make sure the kids were well fed before their journey back to Nottingham. Sadly that time came round far too quickly and Sophie, Scarlett and Kenzie had to make their way home. We've agreed not to leave it so long next time and to try and arrange things around a half term week so that they can stay for longer. 

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