Saturday, 24 October 2015

Young Sith and Pam's 90th birthday

So this morning we awoke to the sound of small children. This was a real novelty for us. We got up and Sam and I went and bought breakfast from Richard's for everyone and then we introduced Scarlett and Kenzie to The Phantom Menace. Scarlett wasn't really interested and went had had cuddles with nanny Toni in Pam's room. Kenzie did at least seem to enjoy some of it. Being a good Sith Lord I started some lightsaber training with Kenzie and Scarlett.

After the film we all headed out to Ziyafet to have a birthday meal with Pam as it was her 90th birthday. We were joined by Jade and Bob. Kenzie had an interesting reaction to tasting a lemon:

We all had a lovely time. The food was great, the kids were well behaved and Pam was surrounded by people who love her to celebrate with her.

When we got home a normally shy Kenzie was quite happy to give Pam a cuddle

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