Tuesday, 27 October 2015


A lovely meal at Bella Italia was followed by the latest James Bond bond movie, Spectre. I'm not a die hard Bond fan although I have seen most of the movies over the years. I'll try and avoid any spoilers and keep things brief but it's a pretty good film. It's a long film but there are plenty of action sequences to break up the plot moving parts. It's good to see Bond being integrated into the modern world hooking into genuine issues and associated problems.

Given how high tech various bits of the film were it was disappointing to see so few Bond gadgets in play. Gadgets are always what made these films great for me and I thought the offerings on show here were a little underwhelming. That said, it was great to see the return of the Aston Martin but it wasn't as cool as the old one.

It's definitely a film to go and see if you are a Bond fan. Not as good as Skyfall for me but still classic Bond.

Here's that trusty old trailer!
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