Friday, 2 October 2015


Destination Bexleyheath tonight for yummy foods and then to see the new version of Macbeth.

We had divided opinions on this little epic and it is very rare for that to happen. We usually have a sort of general agreement about most things movie wise but not tonight!Toni and Sam both thought it was really good and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was not a fan at all.

I thought it lacked dynamics and pace and had an awful soundtrack. Still, you can't please everyone all the time LOL. I can see why it has had good reviews, I can see why both Toni and Sam thought it was good but there was no connection with me and it just didn't resonate. Definitely worth giving it a shot to see what you think especially if you are a fan of The Scottish/Bard's Play.

Oh and as an aside, it is very clear that cinemas expect you to sit in the allocated seat that you bought so please don't turn up in a big crowd and then start sitting wherever you want and thus deny other people their pre-booked seats. We had to turf three people out of our seats, as did another couple, and I am sure there are those that quietly sat elsewhere rather than causing a fuss.

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