Thursday, 29 October 2015

Rough day and Gudbuy T'Matt

It was a rough old day today. I woke up feeling under the weather and my throat starting to feel like I'd been chewing on sandpaper. I forced myself to go to the office though in the hope that it would improve. Unfortunately my hopes were not realised. Things got progressively worse as the day went on and I started to get a temperature to go along with the iffy throat. I stuck it out at the office though as there were lots of important meetings to attend and various things that needed my attention.

It was also a sad day as it was Matt's last one with us. He was just short of two years service and will leave a hole that will be hard to fill. I can't fault him for wanting to move to bigger and better things but it's sad when people do go. We've had quite a few go recently and I hope there aren't too many more.

There was a big decline on the health front as my throat got progressively throughout the evening which I was less than impressed with!
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