Monday, 26 October 2015

WWE Hell In A Cell

I've kind of lost interest with the weekly goings on in WWE as RAW has become stale and boring with crap story lines and the same old matches week in week out.I still keep up to date with NXT and the pay per views though. Tonight it was time to watch last night's PPV. Hell In A Cell.

First up was John Cena v Alberto Del Rio for the United States belt. Del Rio was a surprise participant who has just come back to WWE. He got a rave reception from the crowd that you don't usually get for a bad guy. It was a reasonable match and a good opener. Big surprise was Del Rio getting the clean pin victory over Cena and becoming the new US Champion.

Roman Reigns v Bray Wyatt was spent mainly on fast forward as we don't really enjoy watching these guys wrestle.Reigns won though :)

The Dudley Boyz took on The New Day in a Tag Team title bout. This was disappointing as both teams are pretty good and could have put on a much better match but it was all a bit stop/start and wasn't fluid at all. A screwy ending pretty much guarantees that this feud will continue to Survivor Series.The New Day won the match and retained their Tag Team belts.

Charlotte took on Nikki Bella in a Divas title match and it's good to see women raising the bar and showing that they can actually wrestle rather than just being their to look good and to appear in the WWE reality shows. This wasn't the greatest of matches overall but Charlotte proved why she is currently a rising star in WWE and retained her Divas belt.

Seth Rollins v Kane was another one of those boring matches that we've seen so many times.Enough already! Fast forward shows that Rollins was the victor LOL

Kevin Owens then took on Ryback for the Intercontinental title. I like Owens and what he achieved in NXT. He brings an exciting dynamic to WWE but not against an opponent like Ryback who has never really been fun to watch. Thankfully it was a short match with Kevin Owens retaining his belt.

Finishing things off was the match that I really wanted to see. Brock Lesnar v The Undertaker in a Hell In A Cell match. Although Lesnar v Undertaker isn't new they put lots into this match to make it interesting. There was lots of vicious moves and both guys bled which always makes a Hell In A Cell match more "believable". I like both these guys a lot and I was torn as to who should win. As it was Brock Lesnar emerged victorious which I can cope with. After the match The Undertaker got some massive ovations before the Wyatt family came in and did him over before carrying him off. no doubt this will set the backdrop for a new story for The Undertaker now his feud with Lesnar is over.
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