Saturday, 10 October 2015

New iPhone, rude yarn, TV catch up and Rangers win home opener

I was rudely awakened by a loud knock on the front door somewhere before ten. I didn't mind though as it was a delivery for me. I've just completed my latest O2 upgrade and am now the proud owner of a lovely 128GB Rose Gold iPhone 6S Plus. It a little while to get used to the much larger size but I love it. Transfer of the data from 5S to 6S Plus took no time at all and that included an upgrade from 9.0 to 9.0.2 in the process. The camera is really good although the live photos option is a bit creepy.

A couple of selfie test shots:

..and some of Toni's yarn looking suspiciously rude!

It was a lazy day with all manner of TV and wrestling catch ups and not a lot else going on. We had hoped to make it out tonight for the final Devilish Presley gig but nan hadn't had a great day so we didn't want to leave her with Sam just in case. We also had to turn down another potential event in December, it's unfortunate but Pam's care is our primary concern.

It's not all bad though as we had the New York Rangers first home game of the season starting at midnight against Columbus Blue Jackets.  The opening with no digital projectors was phenomenal:

Oscar Lindberg got things under way putting Rangers 1 - 0 up with 01:20 gone. The Rangers then went heavy on the attack. Oscar Lindberg did it again at 05:12 putting the Rangers 2 - 0 up. It was 3 - 0 at 05:48 as Dominic Moore popped one in. What a start! The hockey Gods smiled on the Rangers again as another Toronto review went in their favour and a potential Blue Jackets goal was deemed inconclusive! Rick Nash even missed a penalty shot! First period ended with the Rangers leading 3 - 0. Shots on goal were NYR 15 and CBJ 14.

Second period started with Blue Jackets looking a little more determined. Rangers successfully killed off a penalty. Whilst the Rangers had some good chances they seemed far too intent on trying to set up Lindberg for a hat trick rather than trying to extend their lead. Play was more end to end towards the end of the period with the Blue Jackets desperate to break the stale mate and the Rangers refusing to sit back and defend the lead. Rangers clanged one off the post in a very close call. Henrik Lundqvist made an incredible save that earned him a standing ovation. Rangers went on the power play and Derick Brassard made it 4 - 0 at 19:12. Second period ended with the Rangers 4 - 0 up. Shots on goal were NYR 7 (22) and CBJ 12 (26).

01:26 into the third and Derek Stepan makes it 5 - 0 to the Rangers. Blue Jackers switched netminders at that point. Blue Jackets finally made it onto the scoreboard at 04:35 making it 5 - 1. Henrik Lundqvist then put in some spectacular saves. Someone on Twitter suggests that it would take some dark arts to get one past him! A bit of fisticuffs left the Rangers on the power play which wasn't too effective. A Blue Jackets power play gave them a boost as they shortened the difference to 5 - 2. To make matters worse Ryan McDonagh mouthed off at the referee and got an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty so it was back on the penalty kill straight away. Thankfully they did kill it off. Third period ended with the Rangers winning 5 - 2. Shots on goal were NYR 7 (29) and CBJ 13 (39).

Phew, what a great start to the season! That's the first win in a season home opener in five years!

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