Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Birthday fun

Sadly I hadn't had the foresight to book today off of work (what with it being my birthday) so it was business as usual on that front. I treated the troops to some nice nibbles as is the custom when a birthday comes around. It had been quite a relaxed day and just as I was hoping to go home a potential showstopper appeared which I had to try and deal with. Thankfully the client decided to back out rather than having us work all night to fix things but it did mean that I ended up leaving later than planned which annoyed me due to the day it was.

Got home and opened some cool cards and presents.
Sith Lord certificate from Sophie and the kids:

Kneeling stool from Sam:

A selection of my cards:

The evening was spent just chilling out with some good food and catching up on some TV. It was a good birthday!

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