Sunday, 14 February 2016

Tidying and a visit from Sophie, Scarlett and Kenzie

I spent the morning getting the house tidied up and made child friendly ready for Sophie, Scarlett and Kenzie to come a visiting. The rail network conspired to make my journey to meet them difficult but it failed. Despite having to take a more convoluted route I managed to get to St. Pancras, meet them, and get all of us home in a shade over two hours. That would have been impressive for a Sunday, even more so for a Sunday with diversions!

It was lovely to see them all (and the kids were very well behaved while we travelled). This time they are staying for a whole week so they can relax and chill before they go back rather than everything being a rush.

Kenzie was insistent on using the iPad with the volume on load so he was persuaded to put my headphones on.

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