Saturday, 20 February 2016

Up early, goodbye to Sophie & the kids and meh

I was up early this morning to give Toni a break. I gave Pam her drugs and then despite saying she wasn't hungry she asked for some breakfast and she managed to eat a whole slice of toast with sandwich spread.  I then sat with her and we watched some nature programs on the TV. It was great she managed to get some food down and good that she was awake enough to watch some TV. She hadn't complained about any pain in her legs either which was a great bonus. More days like this please :)

We gave the kids some lunch before Sophie headed back to Nottingham with them. Managed to grab some photos of a lesser spotted Sam out of is natural habitat! LOL

Sadly that time came round all too soon when it was time for Sophie to head off. Hugs and tears were had. It's been lovely having them all here for a decent length of time (despite the chaos with Pam) and we'll be back for a repeat sometime soon I am sure.

The evening was REALLY quiet. Sophie and the kids had gone, Toni had gone out to see some pagan friends, Sam was at the cinema, Zoe was at her dad's and Aaron had gone to a work leaving do leaving Pam and I. She slept most of the night so I had to entertain myself. It all went wrong after that, I just felt at a bit meh, like a loose end and couldn't settle down to do or watch anything.

Things got better when Toni got back and we dined on mushrooms filled with goats cheese and some lemon masala veggie burgers :) 

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