Saturday, 13 February 2016

Virgin installation and Deadpool

Today we had Virgin Media cable services installed so that we could get better quality TV for Pam. We decided to go for the whole package (broadband, TV and phone) as that worked out as better value. Installation was pretty quick and the engineers were very clued up as Sam and I discussed various networking settings and options with them.

Once everything was installed Sam and I then had the task of getting the existing network kit working correctly. It was a lot less painful than when we set things up with BT Infinity and after a couple of config changes and numerous reboots everything was up and running smoothly.

In the evening Sam, Aaron and I hit Bexleyheath to go and see Deadpool.

It's a glorious film. Totally tongue in cheek and irreverent and a brilliant laugh. It's certainly not your typical superhero movie but is a must watch in my view.

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