Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Serenity & Xandria @ The Underworld

Sam, Aaron and I headed to Camden tonight to see Serenity & Xandria at The Underworld. I decided to do an experiment with the boys and took them to Qing Xi for some vegetarian oriental food. I stuffed my face at the buffet, Sam was less than impressed and Aaron tried some.

They were both craving meat afterwards so we went to a posh kebab place.

Being very full from Qing Xi I left them to order their meat feasts and enjoy the bread and dips while I just relaxed and had a glass of water. I wasn't craving the meat or bread at all.

We arrived at The Underworld in time to catch a bit of Jaded Stars' set. They were pretty good and were a great warm up for the night.

Serenity were up next. They were the reason we were there as Sam has been wanting to see them live for a while now. They did not disappoint at all, they were absolutely brilliant performing a great set with an encore as well.

Serenity's setlist was:
Follow Me

Sprouts of Terror
Royal Pain


My Final Chapter

The Perfect Woman

Heavenly Mission

Spirit in the Flesh

Legacy of Tudors

Serenade of Flames

Caught in a Myth


The evening finished in fine flair with Xandria hitting the stage. They were good but it didn't feel live. Not sure what was going on but the sound was almost too perfect and it just felt off. It was a good performance but they didn't steal the show.

Xandria's setlist was:
Little Red Relish
Blood on My Hands
Call of the Wind
The Undiscovered Land
Voyage of the Fallen


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