Thursday, 18 February 2016

Comfortable Pam, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes & TiVo

We took delivery of the airflow mattress, and extra bed rail and protective bumpers first thing today and it seemed to make Pam much more comfortable overall which was great to see. There was no news from the GP despite Toni trying to chase it up so we can only hope that things are progressing. On a really positive note we have now got the personal care down to a slick and swift operation and we are hopeful that Toni might actually be able to do it on her own. We'll be having a trial run of that tomorrow morning with me on hand just in case. Pam also seemed a lot more with it today, she was much brighter and awake for longer and also had some time watching her TV.

Kenzie and I went into co-op mode today as we embarked on the first set of missions in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. We both love the LEGO games and he was delighted to be playing as Spiderman and The Hulk.

Once the kids had gone to bed Toni, Sophie and I chilled out to some Robot Wars episodes followed by Ghost Hunters. I'm starting to like this Virgin Media TiVo thing :)
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