Friday, 19 February 2016

Frustrating GPs, garden time and Little Big Planets

Things took a disappointing turn first thing today when it became apparent the the GP had not escalated things with the council's support team and so we'll be heading into next week with some uncertainties on how we'll be able to deal with some stuff once I go back to work. It's really frustrating as he has been absolutely brilliant up until now. Hopefully this is just a blip. On a more positive note we are still managing to do Pam's personal care in a speedy manny but unfortunately it remains a job for two people. I am predicting some very grumpy phone calls from Toni to get things sorted ASAP. Pam is doing pretty well though although it was an off food day today.

Zoe and Scarlett had some garden time today:

Kenzie and I were on the Little Big Planet 3 trail on the PS4 which was more frustrating than playing Star Wars Battlefront or LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. He definitely takes after his Uncle Sam when it comes to playing video games LOL.

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