Friday, 5 February 2016

What a day

It was a bit of a stressful morning. I started off trying to transfer a large client database across the network to sort out some critical problems. There was an initial estimate of 50 minutes to do this. With about five minutes to go I was phone up by a network engineer who said that I had to kill my transfer immediately otherwise he would. I was then informed that it was company policy to do things like this using FTP. This was news to me and nobody else, or the IT department were aware of this. I cut him short after reluctantly killing my job off.

When I had calmed down a bit I emailed him and asked where I could get this FTP software from and for instructions on how to configure it. After a while he replied saying that it was called Robocopy (and was part of Windows 7), sent me a link to a Microsoft Technet article on it and a whole list of parameters to use when running it from the command line. So not only was it actually NOT FTP at all but still nobody else I spoke to knew that it was 'policy' to use it.

I did manage to bite my tongue and not get back in touch with him but this image seemed quite apt!

A lunchtime visit to the pub was well earned after that little saga! The rest of the day was a LOT more enjoyable after that :)

Got home and had a delicious vegetarian dinner consisting of quorn mince stuffed peppers and a spicy bean burger. It was delicious. Toni went out to Drum Circle while I stayed home on nan duty which gave Sam and I a chance to have a horror catch up. Curse Of Chucky was our film of choice. This one was pretty good and certainly makes up for some of the terrible Chucky sequels that have been inflicted on us over the years.

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