Wednesday, 17 February 2016

District Nurse visit, Star Wars Battlefront and babysitting

The District Nurse came first thing and checked on our setup for Pam. She will be ordering us an airflow mattress and slide sheet which will be great for Pam and also help us with moving her. We also discussed what additional help we might be able to get to help with personal care during the day. This meant an additional phone call to another department and also an escalation via the GP to ensure that it was treated as an urgent case. Sadly we could only leave a message as Pam's GP was off today but we are hopeful that things will get escalated in the morning.

Scarlett spent the day flitting between the living room and Pam's room (where Toni was crocheting with Toni and Zoe) and Kenzie and I were mostly engaged in Star Wars Battlefront. I had to be very generous in my play to enable him to really enjoy what we were doing. This involved a lot of me just standing still waiting to be attacked by him LOL.

Sam and I were on babysitting duty tonight as Toni went on a girl's night out with Jade and Sophie to have a meal and watch Deadpool. Both Scarlett and Kenzie were good as gold. They went to bed when they were told and were no trouble at all. Kenzie crashed out straight away and Scarlett tried to fight the sleep monster but gave up after about an hour LOL.
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