Monday, 16 October 2017

Crazy day, Scorpion, Dynasty and Ice Guardians

Wow, that was one hell of a crazy day. It started badly with cancelled and diverted trains all over the place meaning that I got to the office later than planned.

It was all go from the off with a number of issues arising from the migration at the weekend. There was nothing serious but a steady stream of things that needed to be resolved, even if it was just telling users to read the documentation that had been provided to them before the weekend LOL. Despite the constant barrage of work everything got cleared up quickly with only a couple of issues carrying over into tomorrow. I even managed to leave work on time. Thankfully the journey home was easier than the one in.

Toni and Zoe were out for the night so it was just Sam and I. He was knackered so retired early. I made myself a nice salad for dinner followed by some gluten free crumpets and then did a TV catch up.

I started with the latest episode of Scorpion which was it's usual cheesy self. After that I watched the first episode of the rebooted Dynasty! This was my guilty pleasure as a teenager with mum and I watching it (usually with a Chinese) every Friday night. It's not bad for a reboot but lacks a lot of the style and panache that the original series had. Close but no cigar although I might keep watching anyway LOL.

From this: this:

My evening ended with the quite excellent Ice Guardians documentary about enforcers in professional ice hockey.

Whether you love or hate fighting in hockey it's still part if the game today and this documentary is a very interesting documentary on the role of the enforcer focussing on the NHL/AHL.

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