Monday, 30 October 2017

Star Wars Rebels and The Last Jedi international trailer

Caught up with the last two episodes of Star Wars Rebels, In the Name of the Rebellion Parts 1 and 2. I'm loving the way we are now riding the approach to Rogue One timeline with Saw Gerrera playing a big part, large kyber crystals and mentions of Jeddah.

This season has started off brilliantly and I can only hope that they'll finish with a bang as this is the final season. Will they go for Rogue One style deaths to explain the absence of some the main characters in the rest of the saga? Only time will tell on that front!

In other Star Wars news we've just had the first international trailer dropped on us. The excitement builds some more as we get a couple of short new things thrown in.... I won't add any spoilers :) It isn't as big on new things as The Force Awakens international trailer but that's fine. It all teases very nicely!

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