Thursday, 12 October 2017

The Toxic Avenger The Musical @ Arts Theatre West End (again)

Once, twice, three times a Toxie! After work tonight Sam and I were back to the Arts Theatre for another round of The Toxic Avenger The Musical. This was number three for me and number four for Sam.

The scene where a cat guts punted was emotional for Sam as after the last showing we went to someone stole the cat. There were wanted posters on Twitter and everything.

Sam went back to see the show on Saturday and bought them a new cat and had this picture taken afterwards.

He was so happy to see his replacement get used as part of the show :)

Once again it was another brilliant performance. It's always fun to see a small show where little things change every now and again whether that is on purpose or by accident and it just makes things even more special.

After the show we hung around to get our programmes autographed.

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