Saturday, 28 October 2017

Working a Saturday (again), Cafe Delicio and no problems

It was like a normal working day today. I was up at 07:30 and started work straight away (I decided to WFH rather than travel in to the office). Everything was smooth, I'd planned things well and with good support from my colleagues in Delhi I had everything done by lunchtime so we could hand over to clients to test.

This meant that Toni and I had a chance to go out for some breakfast/lunch together and chill out. We went to Cafe Delicio in Eltham for some lovely noms. They had gone to great efforts to get the place in the mood for Halloween which was really sweet.

I kept an eye on emails but there were no issues reported by the clients that did sign in and do some testing which was a relief for me :)

Once client said that they needed access to some additional environments ahead of time. I was in a benevolent mood so said that it could be done overnight so that they would have access to them on the Sunday. The plan had been to have Delhi to do part one over night and me finish things off in the morning. Delhi were so on the ball with things though that we managed to get everything done between us in the evening which meant that no additional Sunday work for me! I was very happy about that!

Feeling all happy from a some great work I decided to watch the New York Rangers game. It was a bit painful at times and not the result I wanted but it was good to watch some hockey again.

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